N – Z


Naked in 30 Days: A One-Month Guide to Getting Your Body, Mind and Spirit in Shape

Nana’s Getting Married

Nanise’:  A Navajo Herbal

The Natural Laws of Good Luck

Natural Remedies for Your Home & Health

Nature Recycles – How About You?

Neurotic November


Never Without You… Again

A New Name For Worthless:  A Hero Is Born

New York Day & Night

Nibbling Your Nails

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before the Gingerbread Man’s Christmas

The Night Before the Little Mermaid’s Christmas

The Night Before the Three Bears’ Christmas

The Night Before the Three Pigs’ Christmas

Night Night Bible Stories

Night Night Devotions

Night Night, Sleepytown

Night Night Zoo

Night of the Living Worms

The Night Santa Got Lost:  How NORAD Saved Christmas

The Night Sky

Night Terrors

Nine Ways God Always Speaks

NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls

Noah and the Search Dogs

Noah’s Ark:  Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries

Noodlehead Nightmares

No Ordinary Owl (S.A.V.E. Squad: Book 4)

Nora’s Ark

Norma Jean’s Sun

Nostromo the Dwarf

Notebook Doodles Amazing Me!

Not in the Club

The Not So Wicked, Wicked Witch!

Not the Quitting Kind


Now You See It

No Yeti Yet

Number Cross Puzzles


Off to Class

Oh Where, Oh Where Is My Swallowtail?

The Oldest Bedtime Story Ever (Bible Beautiful)

On Admiration

The One-Pot Weight Loss Plan

Only You Can Be You

On the Edge With Coolhead Luke

On the Move:  Mass Migrations

Oscar Did It!

Otter Lee Brave

Our Great Responsibility

Our Purpose:  the Nobel Peace Prize Lecture 2007

Ours for a Season

Our Teacher Is a Vampire and Other (Not) True Stories

The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes

Out of a Dark Winter’s Night

Outrageous October

Owlegories: The Sun, The Seed, The Water


P Is For Please

Paint by Sticker Kids: Beautiful Bugs

The Painter From Shanghai

Paleo Fitness

Panthers Play for Keeps

Parker Plum and the Journey Through the CATacombs

Parker Plum and the Rotten Egg Thoughts

Partnering With Nature

Passenger on the Pearl:  The True Story of Emily Edmonson’s Flight from Slavery

The Path of Centering Prayer

Patulous the Different Caterpillar

Pause Power

Paw Patrol: Rescue Time

Paws, Claws, Hands, and Feet

The Peaceable Forest:  India’s Tale of Kindness to Animals

Peanuts (Kohl’s Cares for Kids)

Peeper Has a Fever

Pemba Sherpa

People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!

Perfectly Unique

The Perfumed Garden

Pet Shop Heroes

Phantom Limb


Picturing the ABCs at the Norton Simon Museum

Piggy Nation:  A Day at Work With Dad

Pigs in Love

Pipper’s Secret Ingredient

The Pirate and the Firefly

A Pirate’s Night Before Christmas

A Pirate’s Twelve Days of Christmas

P Is For Puffin

Plane Party

Planes, Trains, and Cars

Planet of the Dogs

A Pocketful of Rainbows

The Pocket Paper Engineer Vol 1 & 2

The Pocket Paper Engineer Vol 3

Poets & Saints

Pope Francis Says…

Pop-Up Volcano!

Posed For Murder

Postcards From a War

The Pout-Pout Fish

The Power Model System

The Power of Soul

The Power of the Penny

A Prairie Devotional

Pray for Justice

Pretty Dolls

Princess April Morning-Glory

Princesses of Bread

Princesses of the World

Proggy Menagerie

The Prometheus Project – Captured

The Prometheus Project – Stranded

The Prometheus Project – Trapped

Provisions for Abundance

The Psychology Behind Fitness Motivation


The Puppet Master

Puppy Stew

Purposeful Action


Putting It Back Together


Quasar and the Eye of the Serpent

The Quick & Easy Healthy Cookbook



Radiant Health, Inner Wealth

Ralphina the Roly-Poly

Random God Sightings

Ra the Mighty: The Great Tomb Robbery

A Real Prince Is Hard to Find

Tina Nordström’s Recipes for Young Cooks

The Red Car That Tyler Wanted

Red Hot Internet Publicity

The Red Scarf

Refine & Restore

The Reluctant Dragon

Remember, Remember (A Sherlock Holmes & Lucy James Mystery #3)


Resurrection (Naxos Audio)

The Richebourg Affair

Rich Is a Religion

Right Where You Are Now

The Ringmaster’s Wife

Roastbeef’s Promise

Rock Collecting for Kids / Rock Log

The Rose and the Lily

The Rose Ring

The Royal Nappy

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudy and Cirrus of Karma

Rufus Blasts Off!

Rufus Goes to Sea

The Ruins of Noe

The Runaway Dandelion

Running Lean

Running With the Bats

Rupert’s Tales:  The Wheel of the Year Activity Book

Ryan & Robbie’s Bike Ride Adventure


Sacred Rest

Sacred Wisdom

Saddle Up Your Own White Horse

Sadie’s Sore Throat

Said the Kitty to the Cat

Sail Away With Me

A Saint For All Reasons

Saltwater Taffy

The Sandburg Connection

Santopia – Book One:  Santa and the Lost Princess

Satchi and Little Star

Saved By Her Enemy

Scarecrow Finds a Friend

Scenes for Teens

Science Fiction Classics:  Graphic Classics Vol. 17

Scrambled Breakfast

Secondhand Horses (S.A.V.E. Squad:  Book 3)

The Secret Adventures of Louie V

The Secret of the Shamrock (Chime Travelers #1)

The Secrets We Left Behind

The Secret to Life Transformation

Secrets of a Christmas Box

The Seed Who Was Afraid to Be Planted

See Inside the Dinosaur: An Interactive 3-D Exploration of a Triceratops

The Self-Compassion Diet

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Guided Journal

Seven Saints for Seven Virtues

Shades of Truth (From Sadie’s Sketchbook)

The Shadow of Seth

Shadows On My Wall

Shakuhachi Meditation Music

Shamanic Meditations

Shark Baby


Sherlock Sam and the Ghostly Moans in Fort Canning

Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong

Shh… God Is in the Silence

Shirley’s Cakes

Shoah:  Journey From the Ashes

Shoot the Moon

The Show Must Go On!

The Sign of the Carved Cross (Chime Travelers #2)

Signs in Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels with God

The Silent Sphinx

The Silly Looking Thing

Silly Shoes: Poems to Make You Laugh

Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos

Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet…and Other Cat-astrophes

Simon’s Cat vs. the World

Simon Snootle and Other Small Stories

Simple Money, Rich Life

Simply Irresistible

Sing At School

Sing Into School

Sins of the Flesh

Sisters of Misery

The Sisters of Sugarcreek

Six Critical Essays on Film

Size 2 For Life

The Skinny on Bullying

The Skinny on Creativity

The Skinny on Credit Cards

The Skinny on Direct Sales

The Skinny on Networking

The Skinny on the Art of Persuasion

The Skinny on the Housing Crisis

The Skinny on Success

The Skinny on Time Management

The Skinny on Willpower

Skippyjon Jones books

Sleep Fat Wake Up Thin

Sleep Tight, Sleepy Bears


Sloth Slept On

The SmartestWay to Save

Smithsonian Everything You Need to Know: Grades 4-5

Smithsonian Magnetic Adventures: Jungle

Smithsonian Magnetic Adventures: Solar System

Smithsonian Readers: Early Adventures Level 1

Smithsonian Readers: Seriously Amazing Level 2

Smithsonian Readers: World of Wonder Level 3

Smithsonian Readers: Endless Explorations Level 4

Smithsonian Sticker Creations: Wildlife


The Snoopy Treasures: A Celebration of the World Famous Beagle

Snow Valley Heroes

Snow White

The Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers

SOIL: More Than Just Dirt


Somebody Up There Hates You

Someone to Blame

Something’s Happening in the City

Song For Papa Crow

The Song of Spring

Songs For Movin’ & Shakin’

Songs of Mary

Sophie’s Animal Parade

Sounds of the Night

So You Want to Be a Knight?

So You Want to be a Ninja?

So You Want to be a Roman Soldier?

So You Want to be a Viking?

SpaceCoyotes and the Secret of the Blue Planet

Spaceship Earth


A Spell of Nine

Spirits in the Garden

SPI:  The Case of the Dark Shadow

Spooky Sticker Activity Book

The Sport of Schutzhund

Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Who:  Football

The Squeaky Wheel


Squirrel in the Museum

Squirrel Rescue

The Squirrel, the Worm, and the Nut Trees

Stable in Bethlehem

Stay Benson!

Stella Strawberry:  The Fruit of Love

Stilte: The Dutch Art of Quietude

Stories on the Journey: A Homiletic Biography (Cycle A Homilies)

Stories on the Journey: A Homilitic Biography (Cycle B Homilies)

Storybook ABCs

The Story of Boo

The Story of Everdream:  Book 1:  The Christmas Witch

The Story of the Blue Planet

Story Power

Strange But True, America

Street Smarts:  Beyond the Diploma

Stress Stinks

Striking Range

The Student Life Jacket

Sudden Death

Sudden Flash Youth

Suddenly Single

The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball

Summer by Summer

The Summer of Letting Go

The Summer of New Beginnings

Summer Sanctuary

The Summer We Found the Baby

Sunday in Kyoto

Sunny Days

Super Animal Powers: The Amazing Abilities of Animals

Super Healing

Surprise in the Meadow

Survive the Day

Surviving Seventh Grade

Survivor Song

Swamper:  Letters from a Louisiana Swamp Rabbit

Sweet Georgia Brown


Sylvester (Naxos Audio)


The Tale of Strawberry Snow

Taro and Tomi:  My Feline Son and Daughter

Tasha Finds Her Forever Friend

Tasting Rain

Tax-Free Retirement

Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors

That’s What You Think!

Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks

The Tears of the Prophet

Tell Me a Story

Terrance Texter

Terra Tempo:  Ice Age Cataclysm!

Terra Tempo:  The Four Corners of Time


The Thank You Letter

That Night

That’s Not the Monster We Ordered

They’re Coming!

They’re Coming For You

This Book Thinks You’re an Inventor

This is NOT a Book!

This Is the Day

This Little Prayer of Mine

This Is Your Captain Speaking

This Small Blue Dot

This Victorian Life

Thompson Twins:  Las Vegas Adventure

The Thorn Queen

This Book Thinks You’re an Inventor

Three Feet From Gold


Tibetan Dream Journey

Tibetan Sound Healing

Tim and Sally’s Year In Poems

The Time Fetch

Time For a Hug

Time to Get Ready… A Hurricane Is Coming to Our Town!

Time Tracers: The Stolen Summers

The Time Traveller’s Assistant

Tomato Turtle

Too Tall Alice

Tooth & Claw: The Wild World of Big Predators

Topsy-Turvy Town

Total Law of Attraction

Touched By the Light

Touchstones:  Stories for Living the Twelve Gifts

Tracks Count: A Guide to Counting Animal Prints (The Little Naturalist Series)

Transforming Pandora

A Travel Guide to Heaven for Kids

Traveling Bear Series by Winning Kids


Trent the Racing Turtle

The Trickster’s Hat

Trish’s Team

Trooper’s Trip to the Vet

The Trouble With Cavapoos

True Grit

True Reflections

The Truth About Lies

Truth Heals

The Truth:  What You Must Know Before December 21, 2012

Tuesday Takes Me There: The Healing Journey of a Veteran and his Service Dog

TurboCharged Recipes

Turkey and Mr. Bear

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Two Little “Savages”


Uncensored: Daring to Embrace the Entire Bible

Under the Liberty Oak

Under the Moon

The Undying Soul

The Unfinished Garden

Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions

The Unknown God


The Unraveling of Wentwater

Untie the Strong Woman

Urban Falcon


The Vampire Patrons

A Very, Very Noisy Tractor

A Very Meowy Christmas (Klepto Cat Mystery – Book 38)

Viku and the Elephant

Viku and the Ivory Thieves

Viku Goes to School

Viku to the Rescue

The Viscount and the Vicar’s Daughter

Voices:  Reflections on an American Icon


Wacky Jacky

Wade Boss:  Hybrid Hunter

Wake Up!

Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up

Walking Through a World of Aromas

The Walls Around Us

Watercolor the Easy Way

Waves of Light (From Sadie’s Sketchbook)


The Wealth Manifesto

The Weber Street Wonder Work Crew

Webs of Power

Weebeastology Vol. 1

Weebeasts Plight

The Wee Musketeers

Weeping Under This Same Moon

We Go Together!

What Eats That?

What Makes Trump Tick

What’s a Banana?

What’s an Apple?

What’s the Problem?

What’s the Trouble in the Forest of Kerfubble?

What Your Mother Never Told You

When a Man Loves a Woman

When Bunnies Go Bad (Pru Marlowe Pet Noir #6)

When Grace Sings

When Mercy Rains

When, When, When Will it be Christmas?

Where Is My Money?

Where’s Green?

Where the Heart Is

Where Things Are From Near to Far

Which Animal Is Fastest?

Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul

Whitey On the Ranch

Whose Baby Butt?

Whose House Is That?

Whose Track is That?

Who’s In the Tree?

Who Will Care When You’re Not There?

Why Did I Get This Credit Card?

Why Do Cats Meow?

Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts?

Wild Colt

William Sheepspeare (Wild Bios)

Willie the Taxi Cat

Windows of Gold

Wine: A Beginner’s Guide

Winning With Money


Wisdom to Wellness

Wisteria’s Show and Tell Spectacular

The Witch, the Cat and the Egg

The Witch, the Cat and the Water Dragon

With My Umbrella, I Can…

The Wizard’s Daughter

Woffles – A Fishy Adventure

The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living

Womenopause:  Stop Pausing and Start Living

Women’s Health – Your Guide to Sexual Fantasies

Wooby & Peep

The Word Pirates

The World

The World of the Bible

World War II

A Wretched Man – A Novel of Paul the Apostle

The Writer’s Roadmap

Writing for Bliss

Writing With Rosie: You Can Write a Story Too



A Year of Self-Love

The Year One Challenge for Women

A Year on the Farm

Yell Out / Do You

Yin Yoga

Yoga Animals

Yogurt the Ogre:  The Big Tale of the Not-So-Tidy Whale

Yogurt the Ogre:  A Magical Tale in Mudd Hollow

Yogurt the Ogre:  The Colorful Tale of the Creative Crayon

You Are Enough

You Are the Beloved

You, Inc.

You Might Find Yourself

Youngen Finds Her Song

Young Henry and the Dragon

Your Daily Walk With the Great Minds

Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

Your Superpowers Vol. 1:  Dream It, Achieve It


Zoey Zeta and the Sisters of Power

Zombie Cat:  The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty

The Zoo is Closed Today!

Zoology for Kids: Understanding and Working with Animals