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The Snoopy Treasures: A Celebration of the World Famous Beagle

The Snoopy Treasures
Author: Nat Gertler
Publisher: Thunder Bay Press
Genre: Humor
ISBN: 978-1-62686-440-5
Pages: 176
Price: $34.95

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Snoopy made his debut in 1950, and soon became world famous. As he appeared in Peanuts cartoons, he evolved from an ordinary beagle who walked on all fours to nearly human in his personality and mannerisms.

The Snoopy Treasures follows Snoopy through the years, focusing on various aspects of his life. Sports, writing, family, and World War I all feature in Snoopy’s pursuits, as well as his interactions with Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and the other children he spent time with. Snoopy was far more than a simple house pet – he was a beagle with a mind of his own.

In addition to a wealth of information about Snoopy’s activities through the years, this beautiful treasury includes pockets holding original artwork replicas and other memorabilia. Peanuts fans of all ages will enjoy The Snoopy Treasures. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger