You Might Find Yourself

Author & Illustrator: Tai Snaith
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-760-76033-5
Pages: 36
Price: $17.95

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There are so many places for children to discover. When they leave the comfort of their homes and head outside into the world, they have no idea where they might go. You Might Find Yourself guides them to places they may want to experience.

Following the winding path outside their door, they may find themselves in a jungle, a beach, or the ocean. They may feel hurt or comforted, and they may wonder what others are thinking. Numerous adventures await them, and they may not always know what to expect.

Along with the story text, extra things to think and do are provided for kids who want to use their imagination to make the world better. Illustrated in mixed media, this cute adventure book will be a big hit with kids who long to explore new and exciting places and experience new things.

Reviewer: Alice Berger