memoir, politics

What Makes Trump Tick

Author: Peter Ticktin
Publisher: Mascot Books
Genre: Memoir / Politics
ISBN: 978-1-64543-711-6
Pages: 160
Price: $19.95

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President Donald J. Trump attended New York Military Academy as a teenager, and Peter Ticktin was his classmate and friend. In this memoir, Ticktin shares some of his insights about President Trump, and how this time in NYMA molded his character and determination.

The military academy forces boys to grow up quickly, as they learn how to navigate the bullies and respect authority. This training can either make or break them, and President Trump was one who thrived in this environment. As a result, Ticktin believes that President Trump learned to fear no one and to always do what is right in any given moment. It was this strength that led the American people to vote him into office in 2016.

After describing some of their experiences in NYMA, the author shifts to his own personal blog posts from 2016 until July 2020. In these posts, Ticktin expresses his thoughts on how President Trump handled the adversity he faced in his first four years in office, and he has no doubt that four more years will follow.

What Makes Trump Tick is an interesting and informative read. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger