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Sunny Days

Sunny Days
Artist: Tammy Trent
Label: September Day Records
Genre: Christian Music
Amazon Price: $12.10 (CD) $8.99 (MP3)

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Christian music doesn’t always have to sound serious – in fact, sometimes it can make you jump up and dance. Sunny Days is a lively compilation of feel-good songs with a great beat and strong Christian lyrics.

“Welcome Home” (my personal favorite track on this CD) has a wonderful message of forgiveness, as it reminds us we’ll always be welcomed back to our Father’s home. “Fall At Your Feet” brings us to our knees in worshiping our creator and offering our broken lives for His mercy. “I’m Running” sends us straight to the arms of the only God who can save us. Other songs are also reminders of our dependence on God for our whole lives, as we worship Him.

If there’s a storm cloud on your horizon, Sunny Days will be sure to chase it away. This uplifting music will brighten your outlook and bring you closer to God.

Reviewer: Alice Berger