NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls

Publisher:  Zondervan
Genre:  Bible
ISBN: 978-0-310-76355-0
Pages: 1472
Price: $34.99

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This beautiful NIV Bible is pink hardcover with a leather-like feel, and the book lays flat when open for ease of coloring. The pages are thick enough to hold up to colored pencil or crayon coloring, but not thick enough for markers. There are hundreds of coloring pages scattered throughout, and they are simplistic in style, suitable for younger girls. Other pages have blank lined sections for note-taking.

I colored four images in colored pencil, pictured above, and had fun doing them. They weren’t overwhelming in detail, and took less than a half hour each to color. For more artistic girls, I recommend the Complete Guide to Bible Journaling to add even more personalization to this Bible. Girls will really enjoy making this Bible their own through color.

Please be sure to enter the giveaway going on from December 2-16. I received a copy of the NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls from Zondervan (HarperCollins Christian Publishing) for this review. This post is sponsored by Zondervan.

Reviewer: Alice Berger


A Generous Life

Author: David Green
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Christian / Stewardship
ISBN: 978-0-310-45257-7
Pages: 176
Price: $18.99

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David Green began Hobby Lobby in a garage in 1972, and he never dreamed it would end up as successful as it is. But along the way, he realized that he needed to make some important decisions about the company. How could Hobby Lobby best leave its legacy in the world, while also helping to support his family?

A Generous Life shares some of Green’s thoughts on managing a successful business while also living in a way that glorifies God and benefits other people. These ten steps to living a life money can’t buy include recognizing that everything is God’s, putting people before profits, and developing a vision for generosity, as well as many others.

Hobby Lobby is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and Green had to make decisions that the majority of people will never face. Readers may struggle to relate to some of the issues that arose for him, but overall, they will get the message that it’s possible to be more generous no matter what their circumstances.

Reviewer: Alice Berger


The Cross Before Me

Authors: Rankin Wilbourne and Brian Gregor
Publisher: David C. Cook
Genre: Christianity
ISBN: 978-0-7814-1333-6
Pages: 288
Price: $22.99

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For many today, living a good Christian life means having everything they want and need. They reason that God will reward them for their good behavior. But is that what Jesus actually taught? Didn’t he ask his followers to take up their cross and follow Him?

We seem to be hard-wired to follow our bliss. But do we even know what that might be? Is it possible to give up everything in the name of Jesus, only to find out we didn’t even need anything but Him? Rankin Wilbourne and Brian Gregor have shared a compelling argument that we will be happier once we give up the notion of having it all, and instead, try to imitate Jesus on his journey to the the cross.

The Cross Before Me is not an easy read, as it invites us to look closely at how we live our lives and attempt to reform our thinking from within. One read was not nearly enough for me to absorb the depth of these concepts. I highly recommend it to all those who are seeking true peace and happiness.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

Christian, marriage, relationships

Love Lock

Authors: Rich Rollins and Marty Trammell
Publisher: Crosslink Publishing
Genre: Marriage / Christian
ISBN: 978-1-63357-158-7
Pages: 159
Price: $11.95

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Marriage needs good communication to thrive, but we’re all flawed human beings, incapable of perfect behavior all the time. Love Lock helps couples correct some of the wrong patterns they’ve fallen into, as they navigate life together.

Eighteen chapters touch on specific problems in the categories of: I need to feel understood, I need to feel valued, I need to feel a part of you, I need to feel appreciated and cherished, I need to trust you, and I need more resolution, less conflict. Each short chapter addresses a problem and ends with an exercise to be completed together. The authors write from a Christian perspective, and Bible verses are provided to support their viewpoints on creating a happy marriage.

Maybe you’ve noticed the locks couples leave on bridges, declaring their unending devotion to each other, and you want a marriage like that for yourself. If so, Love Lock would be a great guide for both you and your spouse to follow.

Reviewer: Alice Berger


Random God Sightings

Author: Kelly Hanes
Publisher: Columbus Press
Genre: Christian
ISBN: 978-1-63337-265-8
Pages: 194
Price: $14.95

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If it feels as if God is out of reach and that we need to strive to find him, maybe we’re going about things all wrong. Kelly Hanes believes that God is all around us, and He’s just waiting for us to notice Him. In fact, He may be hiding in that random stranger you’ve just met but have a funny feeling about.

Random God Sightings is a collection of stories of Kelly’s moments with God. In these 26 interactions, Kelly shows us how she recognized God in each stranger she meets, and why she believes it really was God. Although He doesn’t reveal himself to her in these exchanges, each brought a smile to her face and a glimmer of recognition to her heart.

God cares about us, and it makes perfect sense that He might still be present with us in our daily lives. Random God Sightings is a reminder to us to look for Him every day. We just might find him at the bus stop or in the coffee shop when we least expect him.

Reviewer: Alice Berger


A Prairie Devotional

Author: Wendi Lou Lee
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Christian / Devotional
ISBN: 978-1400213269
Pages: 192
Price: $16.99

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Wendi Lou Lee played the character of Baby Grace, along with her sister, Brenda, on the TV series, Little House on the Prairie. In A Prairie Devotional, Wendi shares memorable quotes from the show, along with her thoughts on how they relate to her own life. After surviving a brain tumor, Wendi wanted to share her Christian faith, in the hope that she could inspire others through her writing.

This unique devotional book contains 91 daily readings of about two pages long. Each is centered on one scene or episode in the TV show, and Wendi expands on it, telling stories from her time with the show and also from her life. She shares some snippets of information about the cast, but mostly writes about herself and her family. Even though she was once a TV star, Wendi is very down to earth, and readers will relate to her ordinary life stories.

Wendi’s strong faith in adversity shines as a light for others who might also be going through trying times. A Prairie Devotional would make a great gift for any Little House on the Prairie fan.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

animals, children, Christian

Night Night Zoo

Author: Amy Parker
Illustrator: Virginia Allyn
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-4003-1014-2
Pages: 20
Price: $9.99

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The zookeepers have locked up and gone home for the day, but the animals still have to get ready for bed. Hippos, gazelles, elephants, and many others all have a nightly routine. As each animal family prepares for bed, kids are encouraged to wish them a good night’s sleep through the repeating refrain, “Night night [animals].” A box at the bottom right corner introduces the next animals they will see.

Finally, everyone is tucked in for the night. All the animals are now asleep, and this charming bedtime board book closes with the message that God is in control, even in a zoo.  Night Night Zoo is the perfect bedtime story for children who love animals.

Reviewer: Alice Berger