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Author: Pierce Brantley
Publisher: David C Cook
Genre: Christian / Men
ISBN: 978-0-8307-8073-0
Pages: 224
Price: $17.99

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Many men see their jobs as nothing more than a weekly paycheck, but Pierce Brantley doesn’t agree. Instead, he asks men to see their jobs as a calling that has meaning and purpose. But how can they find that purpose in the daily grind? Calling shows them how.

Throughout this book, Brantley shares his own experiences of growing up and working at various jobs. He has been laborer and business owner, and he shows how each has worked to further God’s will in his life, using the Bible as a reference. And finally, he shows men how to see the same purpose in their own lives.

As a woman, I was disappointed that the author chose to direct this book exclusively to men. Women can also benefit from his thoughts about following God’s will in our workplaces. But overall, I thought that Calling offered a fresh perspective of turning our daily work over to God to use for his highest glory.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up

Wake Up Man Up Step Up
Author: Ray Arata
Publisher: Highpoint Executive Publishing
Genre: Men / Self-improvement
ISBN: 978-0-9839432-6-6
Pages: 260
Price: $21.99

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Ray Arata’s wake-up call came when he was suddenly faced with a huge change at work and the end of his marriage. Although his circumstances had become unstable, he knew he needed to make adjustments to how he handled things, if he wanted to be happy. Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up shares some of the processes he went through to turn his life around.

Once a man has had his wake-up call, he will need to take action. In this book, Arata provides a roadmap of steps to success: create support for yourself, speak your truth, declare your want, identify blocks, break through old ways of being, embody responsibility, and integrate and manifest. These steps are explored with examples, explanations and journal entry questions, designed to help the reader get more in touch with himself and his underlying beliefs. Follow-up chapters help men focus on specific areas such as being a good parent, friend or spouse.

Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up is not a book men can simply read to absorb and understand the concepts presented. This is an interactive workbook, and the exercises won’t be effective without putting in the time and energy to get to the root of problems. But if you’re willing to make the commitment, this program will lead you to be the best man you can be.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Bigger Damner Book of Sheer Manliness

Author: von Hoffmann Brothers
Publisher: QNY
Genre: Men / Humor
ISBN: 978-0843-717846
Pages: 256
Price: $29.99

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Men’s tastes are different from women’s, and the von Hoffmann brothers know it. So to celebrate men and the things men like, they created a compilation just for men.

This wonderful coffee table book covers a century of men’s interests, grouped into categories. These include sports like boxing, racing, football, and the world’s strongest man contest. Movies feature strong male characters and heroes, as well as their sexy leading ladies. Hobbies like gambling, fishing, smoking cigars, and drinking – and even pumpkin launching trebuchets – are all in this volume.

Check out some of these classic movies. Try a cocktail or chili recipe. Laugh at the Darwin Award winner, or offer tribute to man’s best friend, the dog. Whatever your taste, if you’re looking for a real man’s book, Bigger Damner Book of Sheer Manliness is the perfect addition to your collection.

Reviewer: Alice Berger