Christian, finance

Provisions for Abundance

Author: Ryan Mack
Publisher: Health Communications Inc.
Genre: Christian / Finance
ISBN: 9780757323645
Pages: 384
Price: $16.95

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Christians have a responsibility to manage their money in accordance with God’s word. But how does God feel about accumulating wealth? Surprisingly, He doesn’t have a problem with it, as long as the quest for money doesn’t become an obsession for believers. And, in fact, it can become a wonderful resource when giving to those in need.

In Provisions for Abundance, author Ryan Mack offers 365 Christian daily devotionals for financial success. Each day explores a different topic, and includes several Bible verses to ponder along with a daily tip. But this is no “prosperity gospel” preaching. Instead, Mack encourages us to use a common-sense approach in financial planning. Budgeting, saving, smart spending, and being more generous to others are strong themes in this book.

Even if we’re not looking to build wealth, the strategies Mack shares with us will be helpful in everyday life. Smart money management is a skill that everyone can use, and I highly recommend this book for Christians who want to improve their financial future.

Reviewer: Alice Berger