The Bible in 52 Weeks

Author: Dr. Kimberly D. Moore
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Genre: Christian / Bible study
ISBN: 978-1-64152-815-3
Pages: 208
Price: $14.99

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Have you thought about reading the Bible in a year? Many reading plans can be found on the internet, but maybe you’re looking for something more. The Bible in 52 Weeks provides a full reading plan along with 52 weekly meditations, as you study the scripture for the week.

The scripture reading plan is more than a trip through the Bible, cover to cover. Mixing it up a little makes it easier to get through some of the books that readers often find difficult. Each week’s meditation focuses on one of the daily passages, followed by some probing questions to think about and other supplemental materials.

The weekly reading plan provides six days of reading with one day off to catch up. Catholics who want to use this book could use this day off to read the Deuterocanonical books that are not included in the reading plan. This is not an in-depth study guide, so serious Bible readers would probably be better off with a reading plan from the internet and a good study Bible. But if this is your first time through the Bible, The Bible in 52 Weeks would be a good introductory plan to use.

Reviewer: Alice Berger