nature, science

Fossils for Kids

Author: Dan R. Lynch
Publisher: Adventure Publications
Genre: Nature / Science / Fossils
ISBN: 978-1-59193-939-9
Pages: 188
Price: $12.95

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Kids love seeing dinosaur skeletons in museums, but probably don’t know much about fossils and how they’re formed. In this introduction to paleontology, we learn about ancient life and their fossils.

First, we are introduced to the various types of fossils and how they came to be. Then we see photos of various animal and plant fossils, along with descriptions of how they were formed, the time period they would have been found in, and where they would most likely be located today. Kids are either discouraged or encouraged to look for them, depending on the legality of collecting them.

Fossils for Kids is a comprehensive guide to paleontology, and serious fossil lovers will refer to it over and over again. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger