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Satchi and Little Star

Author: Donna Marie Seim
Illustrator: Susan Spellman
Publisher: Jetty House
ISBN: 978-0-9828236-7-5
Pages: 31
Price: $19.95

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Satchi lives on an island where horses run wild. Every day, as she watches a herd go by her front gate, she admires one she names Little Star. She’s determined to convince Little Star to come and live with her.

She slowly gains his trust by feeding him jelly bread, but catching a wild horse isn’t as easy as Satchi thinks. As she tries to tame him, she wonders if it’s really possible for wild horses to be anything but wild.

Satchi’s dilemma is one many kids can relate to, as they attempt to befriend a wild animal near their own homes. In this delightful book, Satchi shows remarkable maturity once she’s managed to capture Little Star. Satchi and Little Star won a Mom’s Choice Gold Award for picture books in 2012. [Category: Values and Life Lessons]

Reviewer: Alice Berger