children, nature

Oh Where, Oh Where Is My Swallowtail?

Author: Kaleela Thompson
Illustrator: Trevor Lucas
Publisher: Eggleston Services
Genre: Children / Nature
ISBN: 978-0-9845694-0-3
Pages: 24
Price: $10.95

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Where is Kaleela’s swallowtail hiding? As she explores her garden she searches for the missing butterfly,trying to locate him. The reader is invited to come along, answering questions about where he might be. Once he is found, interesting facts about the swallowtail butterfly, along with other critters is provided.

Kaleela Thompson was born in 1999, and already she’s working to make a difference in the world. She’s founded My Home, My History, and Our World, which helps Virginia youth through interactive historical gardens. In her quest to educate children about the natural world around them, she created Oh Where, Oh Where Is My Swallowtail?

This unique book was printed by Eggleston Services, which helps people with physical and mental challenges perform work geared towards their needs. Illustrator Trevor Lucas is colorblind, and he was able to use his own disability to create drawings that could be easily read by those who have vision impairments. Others also helped in the assembly of the book, and will assist in distribution.

It’s great to see our youth today take an interest in nature and helping others. I applaud Kaleela Thompson and Eggleston for putting together such a helpful and worthy production.

Reviewer: Alice Berger