Someone to Blame

Author: C.S. Lakin
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Christian fiction
ISBN: 978-0-310-32739-4
Pages: 368
Price: $12.99

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The Moore family has been hit hard by tragedy. In a desperate attempt to recover, they move to a small town near the water. No one knows their circumstances, and they hope to have a chance to finally heal.

But soon after they arrive, a young man shows up, causing a stir of hostility. Billy Thurber wears a chip on his shoulders that no one will knock off, and he doesn’t intend to back down from anyone. Billy reminds Matt and Irene Moore of their son, Daniel, and their feelings are stirred up in their interactions with him.

Things finally come to a head with Billy and Irene faces a decision that could cost her life. But she does the only thing she knows to do, fully willing to risk the consequences.

Matt and Irene both have demons in their closets reminding them every day of their failings as parents and all they did wrong in raising their family. Now they’re struggling with their faith, wondering what God plans to do with their pain and heartache and how He can use it for good.

Someone to Blame shows us our dark and sinful nature, while also reminding us that we have the light of God within us, if we remember to let it shine. I highly recommend this powerfully moving novel.

Reviewer: Alice Berger