Christian, marriage

Discovering Your Amazing Marriage

Authors: Jason & Debby Coleman
Publisher: Seraphina Press
Genre: Marriage / Christian
ISBN: 978-0984196531
Pages: 186
Price: $14.95

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Do you have an amazing marriage? If you don’t, would you like to have one? After twenty years together, Jason and Debby Coleman have discovered how to keep their marriage going strong, and they want to share their ideas with us.

Discovering Your Amazing Marriage is written from a Christian perspective with a Biblical view of every topic. These include communication, forgiveness, resolving conflict, protecting against infidelity, and agreeing in advance that no matter what, you’ll stay married.

Jason and Debby share some of their struggles and how they learned how to handle them while making their marriage even better. And they share how God views marriage, and what He expects from us once we take our vows.

The advice the Colemans share is sound, and for the most part, healthy for a marriage. But in the area of infidelity, I felt some of their advice was fear-based, as a result of their own infidelity issues, and a strong marriage didn’t need such safeguards.

Even if you’re not a Christian, the Colemans believe you can benefit from this book. Just skip over the Biblical perspective sections if they don’t pertain to you. But don’t just read it – put these ideas into practice, and you can’t help but have an amazing marriage, too.

Reviewer: Alice Berger