The Rose Ring

The Rose Ring
Author: Anne Faye
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 9781482758214
Pages: 170
Price: $9.99

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Julia Manning is happy with her simple life. She has a job in a bookstore, volunteer work at the nursing home, and a quiet apartment. After being dumped at the altar ten years ago by Zach Richards, she has no intention of ever loving again or getting married. And now she is determined to solve the mystery behind a rose ring that one of the nursing home residents claims was once hers.

So when her mom arranges a date with a man she couldn’t tolerate when she was younger, Julia is less than thrilled. And when Zach suddenly appears out of nowhere, she doesn’t know how she’ll cope, especially when he ends up working at the bookstore with her.

Zach’s behavior when she first meets him is not praiseworthy. He is dating a questionable woman and he shows very little remorse for leaving Julia in her predicament. As Julia delves deeper into the mystery of the rose ring, she discovers a love that was once strong, but was ultimately lost. Would Julia also be throwing away her own love for Zach by not choosing to forgive?

The Rose Ring is a nice love story told from two perspectives. Although only one leads to a happy ending, the other brings a sweet sense of closure and forgiveness. I really enjoyed this book, and I look forward to seeing more from this talented author.

Reviewer: Alice Berger