Princess April Morning-Glory

Princess April Morning-Glory
Author & Illustrator: Letitia Fairbanks
Publisher: Sandramantos Publishing
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0988784802
Pages: 66
Price: $24.00

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What kind of a world would you create if you had to do three good deeds to make it home again? Princess April Morning-Glory has ventured out of the safety of Fairlyland, and desperately wants to go home. But the wizard has told her that she must first perform three good deeds. As she wanders around the Great World, the Fairy Misery attempts to thwart her efforts.

Princess April is a kind fairy girl, and soon finds those along her way who need her help. But once she has finished her good deeds, Fairy Misery finds her and whisks her away to her castle. Then it will take someone else’s good deed to rescue her.

Princess April Morning-Glory is a sweet story with an unusual history. Created in 1939 by Letitia Fairbanks, daughter of Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Mary Pickford, it uses Hollywood characters as inspiration for the illustrations. The text is printed in artful calligraphy with stunning drawings throughout. The message of this tale and the beauty of the illustrations make this book a great addition to any girl’s library.

Reviewer: Alice Berger