Yell Out / Do You

Author: Stephanie Perry Moore & Derrick Moore
Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing
Genre: Teen
ISBN: 978-1-61651-886-8
Pages: 309
Price: $14.95

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Sweet Ella Blount always tries to please. When her sister and fellow cheer teammates need help in school and ask her to cheat, she’s torn. And what will she do about the football player she’s developed an interest in, once she discovers he’s squatting at the high school? Life has certainly gotten much more complicated!

Leo Steele’s mom has moved away with her new boyfriend, leaving him suddenly homeless. The local gang intends to do him serious harm, if they can catch him alone. But Leo is captivated by the angel who keeps leaving food at the school for him, showing that someone really cares.

In this flip book, the reader is shown two sides to the same story. Told from both Ella’s and Leo’s perspective, it shares how both are feeling and reacting to the events around them. But in this book, I felt there was little that happened outside Ella’s viewpoint to make Leo’s story not feel repetitive. Set in a predominantly African-American community outside of Atlanta, this story offers real-life drama for urban teens.

The Lockwood Lions series pulls no punches. These are kids the reader can relate to, and the situations are not sugar-coated. But overall, this series send a positive message of getting a good education, avoiding trouble, and striving to do the right thing.

Reviewer: Alice Berger