Story Power

Author: Kate Farrell
Publisher: Mango
Genre: Writing / Story telling
ISBN: 978-1-64250-197-1
Pages: 272
Price: 18.95

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At one time, before TV and radio, people sat around together in the evenings and told stories. Being a great story teller was considered an art form, and people loved to listen. But with the advent of other entertainment options, the art of story telling has all but disappeared. Story Power gives us some pointers on learning this useful skill.

Telling your own stories can be fun. It can help you share your unique legacy and family folklore, give you the ability to market yourself through sharing your experiences in a particular area, or you can publish your stories. In this guide, the author works through her story telling process using examples of her own and other people’s stories, then gives exercises for the reader to work through on her own.

Story Power is a terrific resource for becoming a great story teller. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger