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Scenes for Teens

Scenes for Teens
Author: Mike Kimmel
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Acting / Teen
ISBN: 9781497557031
Pages: 142
Price: $14.99

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Teenage actors don’t always have good drama and comedy scenes to practice on, while attempting to hone their skills. Much of the material out there is offensive or simply not appropriate for teens. Mike Kimmel saw the need for clean scenes, and that was why he developed Scenes for Teens: 50 Original Comedy and Drama Scenes for Teenage Actors.

These two or three page scenes are designed to be played by two actors. Roles are identified as A or B, and there is no gender indicated, so anyone can play either part. Although a few of the scenes handle moral issues, most are simply casual conversations between two friends, but they don’t include foul language, inappropriate topics, or any kind of mischief. Teens are encouraged to act the part the way they feel inspired, with no stage directions given.

Scenes for Teens is appropriate for aspiring actors of any age – even the younger set. Teens who want to improve their acting skills would be wise to pick up a copy. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger