Home to the Mountains: A Fawn for Christmas

Home to the Mountains - A Fawn for Christmas
Author: William Delia
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Christmas
Pages: 211
ISBN: 9781515068945
Price: $11.58

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Being a lover of the outdoors, I wanted to read a book this past Christmas that reflected the spirit of the season, but yet was set in the mountains or countrysides of rural America. With a little research, I found HOME TO THE MOUNTAINS: A Fawn for Christmas by William Delia. The book pleasantly exceeded my expectations.

After a terrible personal tragedy, Rafford Brown is a man seeking to piece his life back together in his native Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. His journey affords him a chance meeting with Abigail Sherwood, a widow living alone while trying to maintain the upkeep on her extensive mountain home.

His friendship with Abigail and her grandson brings him a sense of family he thought he had lost forever. In the meantime, Rafford has to come to grips with the past, the pain that sent him out into the wilderness away from his former life in the first place. Abigail’s strong-willed daughter, Carolyn, looking for her own answers, doesn’t make life any easier.

The book is compelling with the beauty of wintertime in the Adirondack Mountains ever present. Nature plays a key role in the growth of the characters, but a touch of God’s wisdom adds to the warmth and gentleness of the story.

This is not a Christmas story per se, but one that will light up your holiday season as would a warm blanket enjoyed with a cup hot chocolate on a cold, snowy night. You won’t regret delving into this wonderful book, and it may even become for you, a traditional read.

Reviewer: Gene Berger