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The Oldest Bedtime Story Ever (Bible Beautiful)

The Oldest Bedtime Story Ever
Author & Illustrator: Benjamin Morse
Publisher: Orson & Co.
Genre: Jewish / Christian (Bible Old Testament)
ISBN: 978-0-9858135-0-5
Pages: 77
Price: $30.00

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Reading the Old Testament from start to finish is a monumental undertaking which few kids would ever consider. But The Oldest Bedtime Story Ever presents much of the story in an abbreviated and fun read.

Using paper cutout images, author Benjamin Morse crafts a unique book that highlights many of the more interesting Biblical stories. Beginning with Adam and Eve, Noah, and the patriarchs in Genesis, he takes us through the Exodus, the time of the judges, the Davidic and divided kingdoms, the exile, and the return from exile. Other important figures like Esther, Jonah, Samson, and Ruth are also featured.

This unique book is told with lightness and humor. For example, in the story of Adam and Eve, Morse states, “Life was so perfect and free of any troubles, they hardly knew what to do with themselves.” These brief commentaries made me chuckle, but also think more deeply about the scenes presented. Since no vignette is fully developed, this book might also encourage youngsters to delve into the actual Bible story for a better understanding of what happened.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but I was pleasantly surprised at its substance and accuracy. Anyone (not just kids!) who wants a nice overview of Bible history would do well to pick up a copy of The Oldest Bedtime Story Ever. It’s not only an enjoyable read, but also a great study book, since all scripture references are listed in the appendix. For those with hand-held devices, there is also an app available.

Reviewer: Alice Berger