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Owlegories: The Sun, The Seed, The Water

Created by: Thomas and Julie Boto
Producers: Chad Gunderson and Keith Alcorn
Actor: Jaden Roberts
Format: DVD and app
Total running time: 45 minutes

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Class is in session with Professor Owlester. Student owls Violet, Gus, Joey, Nora, and Twitch will be learning about the sun, the seed, and the water, and how all three show us more about God. As they head out through the magic door, they drop to a scene far below where they will begin their adventures. But Fink and Devlin are waiting for them, to try to thwart their efforts.

Professor Owlester is onto the demonic pair, and he arrives to help guide his students and protect them. Humor and songs fill these short and fun episodes, and kids will enjoy the interactions of the various owl characters as they attempt to locate the clues they need.

My only criticism of this adorable new series is the fact that there are sermons tacked on to the animated cartoons. Each cartoon is about 10 minutes long. Then each one abruptly shifts to a speaking adult giving a 5 minute sermon. I felt the sermons were way over the heads of the age group this video series is targeted toward, and kids wouldn’t have the attention span to actually listen to them. But, since this is at the end of each video, they can simply skip over them if they want.

Reviewer: Alice Berger