The Unraveling of Wentwater

Author: C.S. Lakin
Publisher: Living Ink Books
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 978-089957-892-7
Pages: 352
Price: $14.99

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A long time ago, a prophecy was uttered at a baby-naming ceremony. This babe would be the unraveling of Wentwater. Now an adult, Teralyn, the girl of the prophecy, only wants to play her music with Fromer, the man she loves. But when the prophecy suddenly comes true, Teralyn is the only one who can put Wentwater back together again.

Words have power, and when words start disappearing from Wentwater, disaster results. Jealousy leads to recklessness, and things quickly get out of control. Will Fromer be lost to Teralyn forever? One man holds the key to Fromer’s return, but will he come to his senses and allow him back?

In this fourth book in The Gates of Heaven series, it appears that the forces of evil are too strong for Wentwater. But ultimately, good triumphs over evil, and all is restored to normal. Although written as fantasy, one can clearly see the powers of good and evil at work in our own lives. Good can triumph, but only if we let it.

See also The Land of Darkness, book three in The Gates of Heaven. I highly recommend this series.

Reviewer: Alice Berger