The Land of Darkness

Author: C.S. Lakin
Publisher: Living Ink Books
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-89957-891-0
Pages: 272
Price: $14.99

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Callen, a woodworking apprentice, comes across an old drawing of a bridge with magnificent scroll work. He becomes obsessed with finding this bridge. Jadiel, a twelve year-old girl, needs to find a special tree for her wicked stepmother, or else her father will die. While they both set out on their own individual journeys, fortune unites them, and they hunt for the tree together.

As they search, they meet interesting people who help them on their quest. But not all who cross their paths have good intentions, and they discover great evil on their journey. Is the land of darkness a place to be feared, or is it true that the darkness lies only in their hearts?

In this marvelous fantasy, both Callen and Jadiel must challenge their existing beliefs and decide who and what to trust. As the quest turns more dangerous, they must forge on, putting all thoughts of personal safety aside. But, ultimately, good triumphs over evil for a satisfying conclusion. I highly recommend The Land of Darkness.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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