Mommy, Daddy, I Had a Bad Dream

Author: Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D.
Illustrator: Jo Gershman
Publisher: Smart Love Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9838664-0-4
Pages: 32
Price: $18.99

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Joey, the bouncy, happy kangaroo has just had a bad dream. Running to his parents, he tells them all about it. His parents reassure him that bad dreams are normal, and help him figure out what might have happened during the day to trigger the dream.

This happens twice more, with Joey running to his parents for explanations. Finally, he decides to reason things out for himself. And once he determines the cause of his bad dream, he goes back to sleep.

In this unique story, children’s dreams are explained in a way that makes sense to them, rather than making light of them. Children are encouraged to do their own thinking, knowing that their dreams may have messages for them. A winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) and Mom’s Choice Award, this book provides powerful information for kids. I highly recommend Mommy, Daddy, I Had a Bad Dream.

Reviewer: Alice Berger