Author: Therese Ambrosi Smith
Publisher: Blue Star Books
Genre: Women’s Historical
ISBN: 978-0-9844000-7-2
Pages: 323
Price: $13.95

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Pearl Harbor changed everything. As men left factory jobs to fight in World War II, women were offered the opportunity to replace them. Former waitresses and store clerks suddenly became welders as ships needed to be built quickly. Rosie the Riveter was born.

In Wax, three young women take on their new responsibilities at the Kaiser shipyard in Richmond, California. Away from their own families, they bond as a new family unit, becoming good friends. After the war, their relationships continue to grow as new opportunities come their way.

This wonderful 1940s historical novel explores topics of women’s roles in society, sexuality, and long-buried family secrets. Wax is a real page-turner, hooking the reader from the very beginning. If you’ve always admired the courage of World War II women who ventured out into the work force, you will enjoy this interesting and enjoyable story.

Reviewer: Alice Berger