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Songs For Movin’ & Shakin’

Songs for Movin' & Shakin'
Artist: Lisa Loeb
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books
Genre: Music
Price: $14.95

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Want to get your kids off the couch and moving around? Then give them some good music to dance to! Lisa Loeb’s forthcoming collection of Songs For Movin’ & Shakin’ is just what they need.

I was only given the track of Monster Stomp to review, but based on that one song, I believe this collection will be a hit with kids. The tune is upbeat and fun, and demands movement. The lyrics are playful and clever, and kids will love to sing along. And Loeb’s voice is easy on adults’ ears, since they may have to listen to these songs often.

I highly recommend Songs For Movin’ & Shakin’.

Reviewer: Alice Berger