Partnering With Nature

Author: Catriona MacGregor
Publisher: Atria Books / Beyond Words
Genre:  Nature
ISBN: 978-1-58270-219-3
Price $16.00

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The world has become more complex and industrialized, and humans are losing their connection with nature. Being in tune with the seasons, the plants, and animals was what gave our ancestors the ability to survive. But even though we may not need to hunt for food anymore, that connection to nature helps us thrive, even in this modern society.

Catriona MacGregor has always felt a strong affinity for nature. Now she leads adults and youth on quests, in the attempt to bring our spirits back into alignment with the natural world. In Partnering With Nature, she shares some of her insights on why we still need to stay in tune with nature, and how we can do this, given the constraints of our current lifestyles.

Global warming is a real threat to us and the animal population. We continue to destroy natural habitats and pollute our land and water supplies. We’ve finally realized the destruction we’re causing, and we’re trying to reverse these alarming trends. But we also need to fully connect with the natural world, in order to heal the planet and ourselves.

In looking at the earth as Mother, we create a new relationship with her. When we act from love, rather than greed, we can restore her to health. And in restoring her, we restore our own souls. Partnering With Nature is a strong reminder that we need Mother Earth as much as she needs us. We have a responsibility to protect her, and her survival is key to our own.

Reviewed by: Alice Berger