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Night Night Bible Stories

Author: Amy Parker
Illustrator: Virginia Allyn
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-4002-0891-3
Pages: 208
Price: $16.99

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Bible stories make terrific bedtime stories, if they’re told in a way that children can understand. In Night Night Bible Stories, children will hear fifteen Old Testament and fifteen New Testament stories, told in a simplified manner.

Each of these stories has a refrain that is repeated in various ways throughout the story that are used to emphasize certain key ideas, so kids can repeat them along with Mom or Dad, as they listen. They each conclude with “Night Night…” to the people in the story, along with another key thought. Stories are about four pages long, filled with cheerful illustrations.

Although these stories are paraphrased from the Bible, the text remains true to the message with no significant alterations. Parents will love being able to share these Bible stories with their little ones while reinforcing their own faith in the process.

Reviewer: Alice Berger