teen, western

True Grit

True Grit
Author: Charles Portis
Publisher: Overlook Juvenile
Genre: Teen / Western
ISBN: 978-1-4683-0125-0
Pages: 240
Price: $7.99

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True Grit was first published in serial format in The Saturday Evening Post in 1968. The following year it was released as a film starring John Wayne. This Young Readers Edition presents the adapted story along with reader’s guide discussion questions and commentary specifically written for teens.

Mattie Ross is a strong-willed fourteen year-old girl, intent on avenging her father’s murder. After hiring US Marshal Rooster Cogburn to assist her, and finding that Texas Ranger LaBoeuf will be joining them, she heads out into the wilderness to hunt down and convict Tom Chaney.

The idea that a fourteen year-old girl would join these men on such a dangerous mission is preposterous, but Mattie’s pluck and determination, as well as her obvious intelligence, make this story believable. This classic western novel would be a great read for all teens.

Reviewer: Alice Berger