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Surviving Seventh Grade

Surviving Seventh Grade
Author: Glenn K. Currie
Publisher: Snap Screen Press
Genre: Middle-grade
ISBN: 978-0-9779675-7-5
Pages: 92
Price: $19.95

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In this sequel to A Boy’s First Diary, we meet our main character again as he attempts to navigate the perils of seventh grade. It’s the 1950s and things are a bit scary at school, but with his best friend, Billy, he struggles to survive.

Problems include the cafeteria, rope climbing, French class, a bully named Arnold, and his sworn enemy, Snobby Donna. Girls are much more complicated now, and he and Billy attempt to figure them out. But as the school year progresses, he is growing up, and his relationships begin to change.

Although today’s kids may not have even heard of Brylcreem, they will understand a boy’s fascination with Kleenex stuffed bras, and the importance of learning how to undo clasps with one hand. And they can certainly relate to avoiding teachers and school administrators, as well as class bullies, whose only intent is to torment seventh graders. Surviving Seventh Grade is a fun read for everyone.

Reviewer: Alice Berger