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Alexander Girard Color

By: Alexander Girard and Gloria Fowler
Publisher: AMMO Books
Genre: Children / Art
ISBN: 978-162326004-0
Pages: 58
Price: $16.95

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Alexander Girard was an architect, furniture and textile designer, and artist. Color is a children’s book showcasing some of his work combined with rhyming text.

In a style completely opposite of traditional children’s books of color identification, Girard’s creations are bright splashes of color or stark contrasts in black and white. Geometric design is also featured. Parents will want to be aware that there is abstract female nudity, although if I hadn’t been alerted to this by an Amazon reviewer, I might never have noticed it.

Color was designed for young children, but parents will need to read this aloud. Kids may also need assistance in identifying the colors in such multi-colored pictures. This is an interesting book, but the art may be too unusual for youngsters. Matching decorative blocks are also available, but these are not sturdy enough for small children.

Reviewer: Alice Berger