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The Silly Looking Thing

The Silly Looking Thing
Author & Illustrator: Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan
Publisher: Schiffer Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4144-1
Pages: 40
Price: $16.99

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Itsy-Bitsy Boy Frog wants to find a friend. He goes to the lake, but he doesn’t find any frogs. Instead, a strange looking creature offers to be his friend. Itsy-Bitsy Boy Frog decides he won’t be friends with any “silly looking things” and walks away. Each day this same thing happens – Itsy-Bitsy Boy Frog goes to the lake, and the silly looking thing offers to play with him.

Finally Itsy-Bitsy Bog Frog stops going to the lake, and his parents ask why. When he shares the reason, they explain that he is not being kind. When he realizes how hurtful his actions have been, he goes to the lake to apologize, but he can’t find the silly looking thing. Instead, he finds a young frog.

Itsy-Bitsy Boy Frog has just discovered the life cycle of frogs, from tadpole to adult, as will children reading this story. Along with a science lesson, it also provides a reminder to treat everyone with respect, no matter how different they look. Told in a non-preaching manner with great illustrations, The Silly Looking Thing will appeal to young readers. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger