And Still They Bloom

And Still They Bloom
Author: Amy Rovere
Illustrator: Joel Spector
Publisher: American Cancer Society
Genre: Children / Cancer
ISBN: 978-160443-036-3
Pages: 48
Price: $14.95

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Emily and Ben have just lost their mother to cancer. As time passes, they go through the emotional stages associated with grief: anger, sadness, fear and hopelessness. Although And Still They Bloom doesn’t have an actual plot, these feelings are explored through the actions of the characters involved.

The children want to know why this happened to their mom, and not to others who have cancer. Although also grieving, their father reassures them that she had the best care possible, and nothing more could have been done. He tries to comfort them and help them see that their lives still have meaning.

Healing from the loss of a loved one is especially painful, and children often have no one to help them get through it. The American Cancer Society hopes that this book will show kids they’re not alone in their feelings, and that there is hope for them to find peace.

Reviewer: Alice Berger