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The Great Christmas Crisis

Author: Kim Norman
Illustrator: Jannie Ho
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books
Genre: Children / Christmas
ISBN: 978-1-4027-8632-7
Pages: 26
Price: $14.95

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Christmas will be here any day, and Santa suddenly realizes he has a crisis. The elves are bickering, toys aren’t being made, and he’s seriously behind schedule. The unusually frantic pace has everyone tired and frazzled, so Santa needs to come up with a solution.

After trying to spend some time in relaxing and sharing holiday cheer with his crew of elves, Santa realizes that what he really needs is more time. After mulling this over, he comes up with an ingenious plan that will ensure the stress-free manufacturing of Christmas gifts, right on schedule.

The Great Christmas Crisis is a funny look at the pitfalls of mass production, from a North Pole perspective. Unlike in business, Santa’s magic can cure any problem. Kids will enjoy this lighthearted story, told in rhyme, with cheerful illustrations.

Reviewer: Alice Berger