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Where’s Green? (The EnteleTrons Series)

Where's Green?

Authors: Renee Heiss & Gary A. Stewart
Illustrator: Fay Cofrancesco
Publisher: Entelechy Education
Genre: Children / Science
ISBN: 978-0-9887813-0-6
Pages: 32
Price: $14.95

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Priti proton, Ellie electron, and Ning neuron are wandering around the forest when they realize something is drastically wrong. Although it isn’t fall, all the leaves are brown. A prism confirms their theory – green is missing.

A trip to where colors live reveals that there has been an argument over which position each resides in the rainbow, and the constant bickering caused Green to leave. But order is successfully restored, and the trees return to their normal colors.

On the surface, Where’s Green? is a cute story with a tidy resolution. But in addition to this nice tale, the science of how we see color is explored through the discussions between Priti, Ellie and Ning. Readers have an opportunity to determine which tools they would use to make discoveries along the way, and teachers can find learning guides at the publisher’s website. I highly recommend Where’s Green? for classroom science libraries.

Reviewer: Alice Berger