graphic novel, history, teen

Terra Tempo: The Four Corners of Time

Terra Tempo - The Four Corners of Time
Author: David Shapiro
Illustrators: Christopher Herndon & Erica Melville
Publisher: Craigmore Creations
Genre: History / Graphic novel / Teen
ISBN: 978-0-9844422-6-3
Pages: 272
Price: $17.99

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Jenna, Caleb and Ari have found a new map which will let them time travel 550 million years into the past. In this sequel to Ice Age Cataclysm!, they travel back in time, anticipating a great adventure, but this time they’re not alone.

Their new map was created a century before, and those involved in its creation are traveling through time to find it. These men carry guns and will do anything to get it back. The kids now not only need to watch for angry beasts, but also dangerous humans.

The prehistoric past is a fascinating time for budding paleontologists, and Terra Tempo: The Four Corners of Time touches on some of the interesting eras in earth’s history. Told as an adventure graphic novel, rather than a history lesson, it will inspire kids to learn more about these time periods. And they can look forward to more from Jenna, Caleb and Ari, as the conclusion promises even more adventures ahead.

Reviewer: Alice Berger