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Trooper’s Trip to the Vet

Trooper's Trip to the VetAuthor:  Karin Olsen Cavanaugh, DVM
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Genre: Children / Dogs
ISBN: 978-1-62510-657-5
Pages: 28
Price: $9.99

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David is worried because his dog, Trooper, is acting funny. He didn’t eat his breakfast, he vomited in David’s room, and now he looks tired and unhappy. David and his mom take Trooper to see Dr. Bob, their veterinarian, to see what’s making him sick.

Dr. Bob gives Trooper a check-up and determines there is something causing his belly to ache. An x-ray reveals a foreign object, which must be removed. Soon, Trooper is feeling well again, and is able to go home.

Trooper’s Trip to the Vet shows kids, through David’s experience, what to expect when they take an animal to the veterinarian. It also teaches them that their pets need a doctor’s care to keep healthy. This cute story would be a great read for all kids with pets of their own.

Reviewer: Alice Berger