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William Sheepspeare (Wild Bios)

Authors: Courtney Acampora & Maggie Fischer
Illustrator: Benedetta Capriotti
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
Genre: Children / Classics / Board book
ISBN: 978-1-68412-619-4
Pages: 16
Price: $7.99

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In hilarious ovine fashion, William Sheepspeare introduces Shakespeare to kids. But this is no dry biography for parents to read to their toddlers. Instead, clever puns fill these pages.

For example: Sheepspeare was a master of tragedy, with classics like: “Lamblet,” “MacBleat,” “Julius Fleecer,” and “All’s Wool That Ends Wool.” … Sheepspeare had a sense of humor, too. His comedies, like “Taming of the Ewe” and “As Ewe Like It,” had audiences baa-ing for more.

Small children won’t get these enjoyable puns, but they will entertain parents who will be reading it over and over again. And at some time in the future, kids might remember this funny tale and seek out more information about the Baa-rd. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger