Not in the Club

Not in the Club
Author: Janet Pucino
Publisher: Deep Canyon Media
Genre: Business
ISBN: 978-0-9859027-1-1
Pages: 171
Price: $24.99

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Some women have been able to break through the glass ceiling and rise to top management positions. But the majority face hurdles that men usually don’t have to deal with. “Club” behaviors favor men while excluding women. How does a woman recognize she’s dealing with The Club, and how can she learn to thrive anyway?

Janet Pucino has served as a top IT executive and has seen the effects of Club mentality on an organization. In Not in the Club, she addresses the problems women face and how to deal with them effectively. From acceptance to confrontation to simply leaving the company, women have choices in how they react to The Club.

Women have a disadvantage in climbing the corporate ladder. While not every woman wants to find herself in the corner office, she should have the same opportunity and respect for her skills that men have. Not in the Club addresses the effects of gender inequality in the office, and is a must-read for all business executives.

Reviewer: Alice Berger