Tasting Rain

Author: Kim Malchuk
Publisher: Five Star Publications
Genre: Inspiration
ISBN: 978-1589850781
Pages: 196
Price: $16.95

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Kim is existing in an unsatisfying marriage when Mel enters her life. As they grow closer, she learns he has terminal cancer. Taking a huge risk, she decides to leave her marriage and enter a relationship with Mel, knowing that their time together may be short.

Mel is given only months to live, but they have six wonderful years together. In this time, they refuse to acknowledge the beast always hovering around them. And when Mel leaves this earth, Kim has no regrets about the time they spent together.

Tasting Rain is billed as an inspirational memoir, and someone who knows of a loved one with cancer may find Kim’s message helpful in dealing with the diagnosis. But to me, something felt lacking in this book. Kim relies on the Law of Attraction to get her through this rough time, rather than faith in God, which gives the book a new-agey feel. Although well written, this book just didn’t speak to me.

Reviewer: Alice Berger