Snow White

Author & Illustrator:  Susan Meredith
Publisher: Rocking Chair Publications
Genre: Children / Fairy Tale
ISBN: 9780984286638
Pages: 42
Price $7.99

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When a beauty and talent contest is announced, the Amber Queen is sure she’ll win. After all, her magic mirror always tells her she’s the fairest in the land. The prize of a wish come true is too good to pass up. So when she realizes Snow White has a good chance of winning, she needs to take some action.

Sneaky and determined, the Amber Queen disguises herself and shows up at Snow White’s home, trying to sell her magic potions that will stop her from winning the contest. But the beautiful and domestically talented lady of the house never bothers with these things. Instead, her companion seven dwarfs suffer the consequences of using them.

Snow White’s wish is to share her home with a prince of a man who will truly appreciate her domestic skills. Is it possible her wish can come true without winning the contest?

Some of the old fairy tales were frightening for kids, but you won’t find any of that scary stuff in Gram’s Fairy Tales. Kid-friendly, cheery and fun, they’re safe for everyone.

Reviewer: Alice Berger