A Prairie Devotional

Author: Wendi Lou Lee
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Christian / Devotional
ISBN: 978-1400213269
Pages: 192
Price: $16.99

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Wendi Lou Lee played the character of Baby Grace, along with her sister, Brenda, on the TV series, Little House on the Prairie. In A Prairie Devotional, Wendi shares memorable quotes from the show, along with her thoughts on how they relate to her own life. After surviving a brain tumor, Wendi wanted to share her Christian faith, in the hope that she could inspire others through her writing.

This unique devotional book contains 91 daily readings of about two pages long. Each is centered on one scene or episode in the TV show, and Wendi expands on it, telling stories from her time with the show and also from her life. She shares some snippets of information about the cast, but mostly writes about herself and her family. Even though she was once a TV star, Wendi is very down to earth, and readers will relate to her ordinary life stories.

Wendi’s strong faith in adversity shines as a light for others who might also be going through trying times. A Prairie Devotional would make a great gift for any Little House on the Prairie fan.

Reviewer: Alice Berger