Button & Popper

Author & Illustrator: Oili Tanninen
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-500-65201-5
Pages: 32
Price: $16.95

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Button and Popper live in an apple tree with their parents and ten siblings. But the weather is turning colder and there are no more apples to eat. The pixie family must find a new home. Mother and Father try to find a new place to live, but no one wants to let a pixie family with twelve children stay there.

Taking matters into their own hands, Button and Popper set out to tackle the problem themselves. After nearly exhausting all the possibilities, they spy Professor Prilli at the fish market. A basket switcheroo lands them in Professor Prilli’s home – a very nice home that would make the pixies happy. They’re shocked when the Professor announces he’s going on a long journey, and the pixie family is most welcome to stay there while he’s gone.

Button & Popper was originally published in Finland in 1964, during a time the author despaired of finding a suitable place to rent with two small children. She only used three colors in illustrating it, so it would be cheaper to print, and therefore more affordable to people who wanted to buy it. The cute story and happy ending will leave children smiling.

Reviewer: Alice Berger