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Dream Big: A Five-Minute Goal Journal

Author: Karl W. Gruber
Publisher: Althea Press
Genre: Self-improvement / Journaling
ISBN: 978-1-64152-763-7
Pages: 156
Price: $14.99

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Setting a big goal takes determination and focus. It often helps to put our thoughts and desires on paper, in order to crystallize our thinking. Dream Big: A Five-Minute Goal Journal gives us the space to do this.

This goal setting journal walks us through five steps. First, we need to clarify our ideas, then affirm our possibilities, strategize for success, and express our gratitude. Finally, there is a series of daily questions designed to focus our intention on goal realization and gratitude. This makes up the majority of the book, as it reminds us to focus on our goals every day.

The author is a Law of Attraction Life Coach, and Dream Big is consistent with this way of thinking. By focusing on what we want and expressing gratitude, we can attract the goals we seek. If you’re looking for a positive approach to goal setting, this journal could be just what you need.

Reviewer: Alice Berger