Little Fish

Author & Illustrator: Emily Rand
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-500-65162-9
Pages: 10
Price: $24.95

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Two tiny orange goby fish are frolicking in the waves when suddenly a giant shoal swims by and sweeps one fish away. Little fish is alone on an adventure, visiting a turtle, avoiding a hungry grouper, darting quickly away from a shark, and finally arriving safely back at his home.

This unique carousel picture book actually folds out completely, anchored by a ribbon that holds the two covers together, inside out. Children can follow the scenes in 3-D, as animals and scenery pop out from the page. (See image above.)

Bright colors, a happy ending, and a fun cut-out pop-up book will delight small children, as they follow the little fish around and around each scene. I highly recommend Little Fish.

Reviewer: Alice Berger