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A Year on the Farm

A Year on the Farm
Author: Holly Dufek
Illustrator: Paul E. Nunn
Publisher: Octane Press
Genre: Children / Farming
ISBN: 9781937747565
Pages: 32
Price: $14.99

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Casey enjoys her life on the farm. Each season brings new challenges and tasks, and Casey and her team of farm equipment tackle them with determination. Whether planting in the spring, caring for growing crops in the summer, harvesting in the fall, or repairing equipment and caring for livestock in the winter, weather can always play havoc with the farmer’s plans. Casey shows us the best way to handle whatever chores need to be done.

A Year on the Farm showcases Cash IH farm equipment in a fun and educational way. Kids will enjoy reading about Casey’s responsibilities on the farm, sharing in the team’s efforts for a job well done. Farming can be a rough life, but the right equipment makes each job a little easier and more efficient. Kids who dream of being farmers someday will love this book.

Reviewer: Alice Berger