Author: Tami Su
Illustrator: Jan Dolby
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-160844-713-8
Pages: 28
Price: $16.99

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Every day at school, Mallory teases and bullies Vicky. She won’t let anyone talk to or play with Vicky, which makes her very lonely. But complaining to the teacher only gets them both sent to the principal’s office and detention.

But as Mallory and Vicky enter the detention room, they’re suddenly transported to a land called Phobiatopia. Here everyone has a fear, and no one is allowed to make fun of it. Offenders are sent to the Golden Rule Room, and Mallory won’t let her bullying rest until she finds herself there, facing her punishment alone.

Anyone who has ever been bullied will relate to Vicky’s dilemma, and cheer as Mallory is taught a lesson that her behavior simply won’t be tolerated. In a fun and non-preachy way, kids learn that bullying is not okay, and there are consequences to their actions.

Reviewer: Alice Berger