Spaceship Earth

Author: Tom Schwartz
Publisher: Reagent Press
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-57545-143-5
Pages: 172
Price: $19.99

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How will the human race handle the eventual demise of the sun? Or react to a shrinking universe after it expands to its capacity? Making preparations for something that will happen millions of years in the future is a huge challenge, and the Sylvia Wexler Earth Foundation (SWEF) plans to address this problem in a unique manner.

To the SWEF, the only realistic option is to turn earth into a spaceship, but a solution this radical is not a popular one. Opposition forces try to change the course of action, but SWEF carries on with determination.

Will their mission succeed? Can humans actually create engines that could power earth travel through space? Is it possible for humankind to sustain the momentum necessary for such a huge endeavor over an incredibly long period of time? Although this work of science fiction makes several assumptions, discussion questions explore these very ideas and others.

An enlightening and thought-provoking read, Spaceship Earth is a startling look at our future which should spark some interesting conversations.

Reviewer: Alice Berger