graphic novel

Zoey Zeta and the Sisters of Power

Author: Robert Simon
Illustrator: Tomomi Sarafov
Publisher: Zeta Comics
Genre: Comics
ISBN: 978-0-9865392-0-6
Pages: 50
Price: $10.99

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The Sisters of Power have a secret. Each of the three sisters has a super power, but they’ve promised not to tell anyone about them. Zoey is a genius who likes to invent things. Ella is pretty much indestructible. And Lexi can travel at supersonic speeds.

When an evil villain threatens to hold the city hostage by not allowing kids to enjoy summer vacation, Zoey Zeta and the Sisters of Power spring into action. How can they defeat the monster sent to destroy their playground, so kids can have fun again?

This graphic action novel brings these cool superheroes to life. Author Robert Simon created this new series so girls would have fun science fiction books to read. As he says, “Fairies are great but they’re not cool. Not unless they’re packing molecular disintegrators.” So if you’re looking for imaginative, science and engineering-based fiction and fun, Zoey Zeta and her sisters are the right choice for you.

Reviewer: Alice Berger